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Riace Bronzes, Pair of sculptures, 5th century BCE

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The Story of the Riace Bronzes: Discovery and History

The Riace Bronzes are a pair of bronze sculptures dating back to the classical Greek period, approximately from the 5th century BCE. These sculptures depict two fully armored Greek warriors and are considered one of the masterpieces of ancient sculpture. Their history and discovery are fascinating and can be an attractive selling point for replicas of these magnificent works of art.


Creation: The Riace Bronzes were created in Greece during the classical period, a time when Greek sculpture reached its zenith in terms of realism and detail.

Features: The sculptures represent two warriors in dynamic poses, one known as “A” and the other as “B.” Both stand upright, with intricately sculpted armor and weapons, showcasing the skill and mastery of ancient Greek sculptors.

Unknown Fate: The history of these sculptures is mysterious. It is believed that at some point in antiquity, the statues were submerged in the sea, possibly as a result of a shipwreck or plunder.


The Find: The Riace Bronzes were discovered in August 1972 by a diver named Stefano Mariottini in the Ionian Sea, near the town of Riace, in the Calabria region of Italy. The statues were buried under mud and sand at a depth of approximately 8 meters.

Recovery: After their discovery, efforts were made to recover the statues. They were carefully lifted from the sea to preserve their integrity and restore them to their original splendor.

Global Recognition: The discovery of the Riace Bronzes was a significant event in the worlds of archaeology and art. These statues became symbols of the rich cultural heritage of ancient Greece and attracted the attention of art experts, historians, and art enthusiasts from around the world.


Today, you have the opportunity to own a faithful replica of the Riace Bronzes. These replicas are an excellent way to bring a piece of Greek art history into your home and decorate your space with the beauty and realism of these sculptures. Each replica has been carefully crafted to capture the details and majesty of the original statues.

If you are looking to add a touch of ancient Greece to your home, office, or display space, these replicas are an exceptional choice. Relive the grandeur of the classical Greek world and celebrate the history of the Riace Bronzes with these stunning bronze sculpture masterpieces.

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