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Neptuno (Giambologna)

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The statue was promoted by the Cardinal Legate of Bologna Carlos Borromeo, who wanted to reorder the area of ​​the Plaza Mayor, with the help of Bishop Pier Donato Cesi.

The statue would have been intended to symbolize the auspicious government of the recently elected pope, and Borromeo’s maternal uncle, Pius IV.

The work was designed by the architect and painter from Palermo Tommaso Laureti in 1563 and was crowned by the imposing bronze statue of the god Neptune by the Flemish Mannerist sculptor Jean de Boulogne da Douai, called Juan de Bologna, who wanted to redeem himself after the defeat in the competition for the Fountain of Neptune in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence.

For the construction of the fountain (completed in 1565) an entire block (urban block) of the city was demolished, and the expenses were distributed among the adjacent houses and warehouses.

The water supply of the fountain took place with the construction of the bagni di Mario catchment work (underground cistern with Renaissance decorations, today extremely deteriorated) and enhanced by restructuring the old Remonda fountain (which still works under the convent of San Michele in Bosco) and converging its waters towards the square.

Posted images are of the final finish of our work at 100 x 100, photographed with correct lighting

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