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Doryphoros by Polyklet , bronze effect

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  1. Creation: The “Doryphoros,” also known as the “Spear Bearer,” is a bronze sculpture created by the ancient Greek sculptor Polyclitus, who lived in the 5th century BCE. Polyclitus was renowned for his pursuit of perfection in representing the human body in art.
  2. Features: The sculpture depicts a Greek athlete holding a spear in an idealized pose. It stands as a supreme example of the classical Greek sculptural style, characterized by the pursuit of beauty, harmony, and proportion.


  1. Antiquity: The original “Doryphoros” was crafted in bronze, but it is uncertain whether it was ever publicly displayed in antiquity. Many bronze sculptures of the era were melted down and repurposed for other uses.
  2. Rediscovery: The original sculpture was lost to time, but its influence endured in the ancient art world, and marble reproductions were made in various places in ancient Greece and Rome.


Today, you have the opportunity to own an exact replica of Polyclitus’ “Doryphoros.” These replicas provide an exceptional way to bring the beauty and elegance of classical Greek sculpture into your home, office, or exhibition space. Each replica is carefully crafted to capture the grandeur and perfection of the original sculpture.

Celebrate the artistic heritage of ancient Greece and Polyclitus’s vision with these impressive replicas. Whether you are an art enthusiast, a historian, or someone who simply appreciates timeless beauty, the “Doryphoros” is an outstanding choice that embodies the very essence of classical Greek sculpture. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your surroundings with this timeless masterpiece.

he grandeur of the classical Greek world and celebrate the history of the Riace Bronzes with these stunning bronze sculpture masterpieces.

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