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Disc of Mictlantecuhtli (god of death)

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DISC OF MICTLANTECUHTLI (god of death). 45CM. Exact replica
Life cannot exist without death, that is why I am here. My name is Mictlantecuhtli and within the Mexican mythology I am the lord of darkness. In my kingdom, called Mictlán, I welcome all humans who die naturally.

I was created by the gods Huitzilopochtli and Quetzalcóatl on the Omeyocan, a place equivalent to heaven. They thought that to value life, you had to create the god of death. How can you love the light without knowing the shadow? For that, only for that I am here.

My name is pronounced in Nahuatl. It is made up of two words: Mictlán, mansion of the dead, and Tecutli, sir. And it translates as “the lord of the mansion of the dead.”

I am the one who rules over the death of human beings, but at the same time I am the giver of life. Why? One day Quetzalcóatl went down to the underworld and deposited his semen on some ground bones that gave life to man.

Since then I have kept those remains and they all relate me to the seed of life. In some codices I was represented preceding birth and disappointment. Some anthropologists have posed it as life and death in one unit.

In Mesoamerica, a territory that was so immersed, there were several dialects. That is why I was named in different ways, including: Ixtupec, which means broken face; Sextepehua, the ash spreader and Tzontemoc, the one who goes down on his head.

How is this to lower the head? The Mictlán is located under the ground and to access it people have to move down and the fastest way is to dive head first.

When the Spanish arrived in our land, missionaries appeared who translated Mictlán as hell and my name as the devil. They could only imagine the world through their religion, but this was their great mistake.

Mictlán is not a place of darkness, nor a place of punishment, it is simply the home of the dead, of the emaciated. Even when the Sun disappears on the horizon it goes to my home and that is when the dead rise from their sleep.

I tell you that my kingdom has nine levels. The souls had to go through each one until they reached the last level, but you won’t know until your day arrives.

The levels are:

1.- Apanoayan: All the deceased must access a river where a dog is found and helps them swim by piggyback.

2.- Tepeme Monamictia: Place where there are two mountains that always collide one against the other.

3.- Iztepetl: It means obsidian hill and as its name says it is a hill bristling with flint knives.

4.- Cehuecayan: Place where it freezes, it is another place that souls must pass.

5.- Itzehecáyan: Place where the obsidian wind blows; that is to say, it cuts like a flint knife.

6.- Teocoylehualoyan: Space where a jaguar appears and devours the heart of the deceased.

7.- Apanhuiayo: It is a lake of black water where a lizard called Xochitonal is found and tries to stop the passage of the deceased.

8.- Chiconauapan: This is the last place to get to Mictlán. The deceased reaches the bank of a river.

9.- Finally, the soul enters its destination: Mictlán, where my sweet home is.

But beware, not everyone will come with me. The great Mexica warriors and women who died in childbirth go to the abode of the Sun, every day they accompany him until noon. After four years they become hummingbirds and can come down to earth to feed on the nectar of the flowers.

Those who die drowned or by lightning go to Tlalocan, a place of delights with a green garden full of flowers, where the god Tláloc reigns.

Babies who are stillborn or who have not tasted solid food head to Chichihuacuauhco, a place with a nurse tree full of breast-shaped fruits, where the little ones drink milk.

Finally, I remind you that death comes everywhere when you least expect it. Life passes like a quick shadow. All those who die a natural death will come to my home, no matter if they are men or women, or their social class. I will receive all of them. See you soon.

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